International Conference on Trade and Marketing of Coconut Products
27-28 February 2023 - Hyderabad, India ( Hybrid )


Coconut industry is often referred to as the Sunrise Industry during the last decade across the globe. Coconut has indeed emerged as an ideal crop in this era of global warming, climate change resilience and sustainable agriculture. Cultivation of coconut is environment friendly, adds to replenishment of natural resources, provides an array of products, both food and non food, each product establishing  its own position as a speciality product. If the speciality for food products is mainly due to the nutritional and health attributes; the non food products create gold from scrap by converting waste to wealth. In todays emerging global market where environment friendly products and process, sustainability in cultivation, biodegradable products, fair prices to farmer etc decide the demand, prices and marketability, coconut is an ideal crop to be promoted for food, beverage. oil, sweetner, milk, snack etc.

In order to not only emerge victorious but also sustain the success in the trade and marketing of coconut products globally, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of the sector, the mechanisms to increase market accessability, the need to assure sustainability of supply of raw material and the ways and means by which trade of coconut products could be promoted.